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As a major grain, rice is undoubtedly an important product of many countries. Food security is a crucial issue in modern society. At the same time, grain processing enterprises must ensure the quality of rice products while ensuring people's large demand for grain output. In order to achieve the coordination and unity of both sides, the rice color sorter came into being. With the increasing demand for rice color sorters in the market, the rice sorting machine product technology has also been innovated and iterated.

1. Traditional rice processing methods

In order to distinguish the market price, it is the market practice to classify the product, or to purify and remove impurities, even if it is only the most common rice. Rice must go through a grading process before color sorting. First of all, the tensile and compressive strengths of the heterochromatic grains are small. It can be removed by grading to reduce the content of heterochromatic grains in the rice; secondly, the sieves during grading do not need to enter the color sorting process, thereby increasing the output of the color sorter; finally, the whitened and polished rice is warmer than the rice. High, rice grading actually has a certain role in cooling rice.

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2. The basic conditions that the rice color sorter should have

The rice sorter should be equipped with a complete vacuuming air net to avoid excessive amounts of bran powder in the closed sorting room. Sucking away the bran powder can not only make the rice cleaner, but also reduce the temperature of the rice grains, which is helpful to improve the color sorting effect, ensure the normal operation of the color sorting machine, and prolong the life of the cylinder.

The color sorter should also configure the compressed air system in strict accordance with the requirements to ensure the quality of the air source. The air compressor is required to be oil-free and water-free, and it should also be equipped with appropriate filters and dryers. All gas pipelines should be pollution-free and connected with high-grade pipelines.

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3. Guidelines for purchasing a rice color sorter

From the point of view of consumption, when buying rice, the quality of rice is one of the metrics for purchasing rice. Only when the quality of rice is good and free of impurities can consumers be encouraged to buy it? Therefore, grain processing enterprises need to propose 100% of heterogeneous particles and impurities, such as cinder, small glass, black rice, etc., but color sorter, as a typical optomechanical integration system, involves innovation and application in various fields of opto-mechanical software. The speed of upgrading is very fast, and it is a typical innovative technology product. Therefore, there are differences between each color sorter, just like the distance between enterprises. The distance between you and a large grain processing enterprise may only be the distance of a suitable color sorter. Then, how should an enterprise choose a suitable rice color sorter when purchasing a color sorter?

1. Select the model and size of the color sorter according to the company's daily rice processing output.

2. The color sorting accuracy and take-out ratio of the rice color sorter are important indicators to measure the quality of the color sorter.

Purchase a color sorter with a color linear CCD sensor. The rice color sorter is aimed at the difference between yellow and black grain rice and normal white rice. There is no difference in general physical properties. It cannot be removed by conventional cleaning methods. Only with the difference in color and reflectivity between yellow and black grain rice and white rice, we use the photoelectric colorimetric method and equipment to remove it, also known as photoelectric color sorter. Photoelectric sensors are the eyes of the color sorter. Commonly used photoelectric sensors include silicon photocells, black and white line arrays, color line array CCDs, etc. Considering the number of color selection categories and service life, better to choose a color sorter with color line array CCD sensors. Advantages.

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Factors affecting the color selection of rice color sorter

The heterochromatic grain content of raw rice. It is generally required that the content of heterochromatic grains in the raw rice does not exceed the calibration range of the color sorter. At this time, the color sorting accuracy, take-out ratio, and output can all reach the standard. When the content of heterochromatic particles exceeds the normal range, to ensure a certain color sorting accuracy and carry-out ratio, the output must be reduced, which greatly increases the unit processing cost; on the contrary, to meet the output requirements, the color sorting accuracy must be reduced, and the belt The output ratio will inevitably increase, thus affecting the quality of the finished product and the rice output rate.

The bran content of raw rice. When the raw rice contains a lot of bran, under the condition of suitable moisture and temperature, the channel of the color sorter is easy to scale after a period of time, which affects the flow of rice grains. In addition, the dust concentration in the sorting chamber is too high, which will affect the recognition ability of the electric eye and the operation of the injection valve, thereby reducing the color sorting accuracy. Therefore, the rice entering the color sorter is required to have a smooth surface, less bran, and good fluidity.

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Air quality. The sorting device of the color sorter uses high-pressure air to blow the rice grains of different colors out of the normal track. The quality of the high-pressure air will affect the color sorter accuracy and take-out ratio. The air source must be oil-free, water-free, dust-free, dry, and with stable pressure. Otherwise, it is easy to block the air circuit and injection valve, affect the sensitivity of the injection valve action, and easily damage the nozzle.

The temperature of the raw rice. The temperature of the rice after multi-machine whitening and polishing treatment is higher than the normal rice temperature. If it enters the color sorter immediately, the bran powder on the surface of the rice is easy to adheres to the surface of the channel, which affects the normal flow of rice grains and reduces the color sorting effect.

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